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Artificial reef 3D printing for Atlantic Area

Artificial reefs (AR) consist of ecological tools to protect or recover marine habitats. However, AR technology has not been optimized for the European framework. This common habitat requires measures to protect or recover natural resources. The 3DPARE project will develop innovative artificial re

Quadruple helix to stimulate innovation in the Atlantic cultural & creative SMEs

Through a multilateral approach that includes the public, private and research actors, but also the Generation Z consumers, the 4H-CREAT project aims to develop innovative products and services orientated towards the new trends in the market demand (i.e. transmedia) by taking into account the opport

Supporting Atlantic digital startups to go international

The digital economy is rapidly growing worldwide. It is the major driver of innovation, competitiveness and growth, and it holds huge potential for European entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises. Unfortunately, only two percent of European enterprises are currently taking full advanta

Atlantic Area network for introduction of innovative toxicity alert systems for safer seafood products

The main seafood toxins are emerging toxins, non-regulated marine toxins that have proliferated in the Atlantic Area as a consequence of climate change and which are harmful to the public health. ALERTOX-NET aims to facilitate market delivery of safer seafood products by putting at the disposal of t

Improving the management of Atlantic landscapes: accouting for bIodiversity and ecosystem services

An integrative, landscape management approach incorporating socioeconomic and climate change scenarios is critical to ensure the delivery of benefits from investments in Blue and Green Infrastructures to meet the 2020 EU biodiversity targets and sustainable development in the Atlantic Region. The

Adaptation and implementation of floating wind energy conversion technology for the Atlantic region

The countries of the Atlantic Area have the world’s best offshore wind resources, which creates a huge opportunity to develop a viable industry supporting thousands of jobs, as well as to meet targets for green energy production. The ARCWIND project contributes to the transition from fixed to fl

Business cooperation to increase Atlantic food products exports

The food sector is one of the priority sectors across the Atlantic Area, as one of the region’s largest employers and exporters. It is a growing sector worldwide, with a strong innovation potential (quality and safe products, resource and technical efficiency), and has a significant influence in p

Transnational promotion and cooperation of the Atlantic Geoparks for sustainable development

Tourism is one of the economic activities with most significant potential to generate future growth and employment in the EU. In this context, the Atlantic-Geoparks project addresses a common main challenge: to promote the Atlantic Geoparks as a unique, leading tourist destination through the right

Establishing a transnational advanced pilot manufacturing ecosystem for future biomedical products

Currently there is no biomaterials pilot manufacturing ecosystem for translating concepts from the research-bench to pilot production readily accessible for SMEs + micro-enterprises within the Atlantic Area. The objective of Atlantic-Ket-Med is to create new innovation capacity by establishing an

The EuroVelo 1, a unique cycling-tourism destination for a green growth

Europe is the world’s leading destination for cycle tourism. Cycle tourism represents a great opportunity of green growth and for the blue economy. The EuroVelo 1 has for sure a place and a role to play in cycle tourism development in the Atlantic Area. The AtlanticOnBike project aims at achievin