EnhanceMicroAlgae EAPA_338/2016

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High added-value industrial opportunities for microalgae in the Atlantic Area

Call 2016
Priority 1. Stimulating innovation and competitiveness
Objective 1.2. Strengthening the transfer of innovation results to facilitate the emergence of new products, services and processes

Lead partner:

Asociacion Nacional Centro Tecnico nacional de Conservacion de Productos de la Pesca
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ERDF funding 1.842.222,30 €
Total budget 2.456.296,40 €
Duration 2017-11-01 - 2020-10-31


Microalgae comprise 30,000+ known photosynthetic microorganisms, however, few are used commercially. This natural resource offers a great number of industrial possibilities by exploiting their chemical composition with growth manipulations. At the same time, this complexity can overwhelm enterprises entering this sector due to the great number of variables affecting economic and environmental viability.
The Enhancemicroalgae project will contribute to the competitiveness of microalgae-based industry in the Atlantic Area through the transfer of technological and economic expertise to the commercial sector. The consortium offers a wide range of skills and interests, with strong track records for science, production and exploitation of microalgae throughout the Atlantic Area.
The main objectives are:
(i) to undertake a comprehensive analysis of skills, skill gaps and opportunities in the microalgae sector (industrial/academic);
(ii) develop case studies, supported by Decision Support Tools, to increase economic performance and competitiveness with transfer of know-how from academic and technological centers to SMEs;
(iii) analyze critical factors of operation from an environmental point of view;
(iv) incorporate nanotechnology/new technologies (emerging and/or transferred from other sectors) to microalgae sector; and
(v) encourage the creation of spin offs and self-employment.

Project website: www.enhancemicroalgae.eu

Partner Location
1 Asociacion Nacional Centro Tecnico nacional de Conservacion de Productos de la Pesca Galicia (ES)
2 Swansea University (SU) West Wales and The Valleys (UK)
3 University of Manchester (UM) Greater Manchester (UK)
4 Faculdade de Ciencias da Universidade do Porto (FCUP) Norte (PT)
5 Universidade da Coruña (UDC) Galicia (ES)
6 UMRi CNRS LIENSs 7266 Université de La Rochelle, France. (ULR) Aquitaine (FR)
7 Teagasc Food Research Centre (Teagasc) Southern and Eastern (IE)
8 Global and Ecofriendly Natural Extracts, S.L. (Glecex) Galicia (ES)
9 International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) Norte (PT)
10 Algalimento S.L. Islas Canarias (ES)
11 A4F – Algae For Future, SA (A4F) Lisboa (PT)
12 BUGGYPOWER (BGP) Murcia, Andalucia (ES)
13 Hijos de Rivera, S.A.U. Galicia (ES)
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