Projects implementation

This section provides relevant documentation to support beneficiaries in the implementation of projects of the 2014-2020 programming period.

COVID-19: Provisions related to projects implementation

Webinar on financial reporting (11.11.2022) click here to access the recording

Progress Report:

  • User's guide to complete the Progress Report in the revised IT platform (July 2021) EN

Programme Manual:

  • Programme Manual (May 2021) EN FR ES PT
  • Fact sheet 1: General Information about the Programme EN
  • Fact sheet 2: Project generation and development EN
  • Fact sheet 3: Applying for Atlantic Area projects EN
  • Fact sheet 4: Eligibility and budget rules EN
  • Fact sheet 5: Contractual arrangements EN
  • Fact sheet 6: Project implementation EN
  • Fact sheet 7: Project closure EN
  • Fact sheet 8: Complaint procedure EN
  • Annex I - Eligibility of expenditures derived from the impact of Covid 19 EN

For the 'Projects Approved' area:

  • Guide to add users to projects area (for projects web area administrator) EN
  • Guide to request Advancement payment (for project lead partners) EN

Communication: Branding, logotypes and templates

Contractualisation process:

Co-financing letters:

  • Template for Lead Partner co-financing declaration EN
  • Template for Partner co-financing declaration EN