Communication is a crucial issue for the success of the Programme, on delivering meaningful results not only to projects partners, but also to a wider audience of stakeholders. It is a cross cutting element of working procedures, at project and Programme levels, all along the programming period. Therefore, it was drafted a communication strategy to settle a common vision and mission, supported by a set of values and principles statements, with overall objectives and information measures addressed to well defined target audiences.

In this section you will find the necessary information and tools to comply with the Atlantic Area brand identity and also with requirements and regulations settled to communicate an Atlantic Area funded project.

The logo of the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme was updated in July 2018 to give greater visibility to the European Union emblem, as well as to all project or institutional logos that may be placed in every communication materials, in accordance with Article 4, point 5 of Regulation (EU) N. 821/2014.


Relevant legislation: