Assistance Program for Management of Cultural Identity 2016-05-27 18:36:03
The strong pressures that are being felt in some cities of the Atlantic Area, translated by territorial, economic, social, environmental and cultural dynamics (in some cases clearly already installed, in others, so just emerging), have the effect of degrading, if not undermine, core identity elements of these cities.
To the enormous gravity of this process of the potential degradation or loss of identity, moreover the fact that such identity elements in danger integrate, in general, the central core of the explanatory factors of tourist attractiveness that these cities reveal, so it is this attractiveness, itself, that might be in question.
It is therefore essential to know / design and implement policies, measures and actions that seek an articulation and compatibility between the different dynamics in the presence, in a sustainability logic, understood in its broadest sense, that is, coating simultaneously and integrally the environmental, social and economic aspects.
The effects of tourism pressure are varied in nature, making itself felt particularly in the building stock, array of economic activities, traffic and mobility and the environment areas, leading to a risk of unsustainability and depredation of their cultural heritage and, consequently, of its authentic and attractive character. It is important to analyse the evolution of dynamics and urban flows, the type of use and occupation of public and private space and how these are affected by tourism demand.
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Ayuntamiento de Sevilla » Espanha

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