Native Urban Forests Development in the Atlantic Area 2016-05-27 18:21:13
The territory of the Atlantic urban Area has been changed by the intensification, fragmentation and change of land use, with the consequent reduction of the spatial and functional coherence of ecosystems. Consequently, also decreases the ecosystem services spectrum, the resilience of the territory, the health and well-being of the population.
The creation of green infrastructure, such as natural and multifunctional solutions, emerges as an opportunity to achieve ecological, economic and social benefits.
Green infrastructure is a network of natural and semi-natural areas in rural and urban areas, designed and managed to provide a wide range of ecosystem services. Urban forests represent one of the key elements of these infrastructures.
The ecological, economic and social importance of urban forests has been studied, knowing that provide multiple ecosystem services.
The project’s aim is to create and maintain native urban forests in the partner regions, contributing to the enhancement of biodiversity, carbon sequestration, improvement of the air quality, soil protection and well-being of the population. It is intended to contribute to the guarantee of the quality of the urban environment of the Atlantic Area in the future.
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