No Pain in the Atlantic Area: Promoting Access and Effectiveness of Pain Management 2016-05-27 17:17:23
NOPainAA is a research project aimed at increasing the access to and effectiveness of pain management in the Atlantic Area (AA). Evidence shows that chronic pain has a major individual and social impact, contributing to increased healthcare utilization and large direct and indirect costs. National government and internationals boards have thus an obligation to prevent and manage pain effectively. However, even highly developed countries have sometimes restrictive policies and inadequate access to opioids. In fact, there seems to be a lack in the education and training of healthcare professionals, who lack of expertise and have attitudinal barriers to an effective pain management. In addition, at a societal level, pain management and opioids are associated to several myths. It is thus of foremost relevant to implement research projects which can translate research findings easily into clinical practice, hence improving citizens’ health, well-being and quality of life. The objectives of NOPainAA are therefore: (i) to promote strategies in order to strengthen healthcare professionals’ competences to recognise the unique experience of each patient experiencing pain; (ii) to identify current models of pain management in participant countries; (iii) to determine the costs of non-treated pain; (iv) to increase the access to and effectiveness of pain management in the AA; (v) to study the costs, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of specific models of pain management in the AA.
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Universidade Católica Portuguesa » Portugal
Instituto de Bioética
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Ana Sofia Carvalho
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