Socio-technical Evaluation of Anchorings and Offshore Floating Wind Energy Risks 2016-05-27 06:24:30
The project aims to link the sense of resilience for law and material. The idea is to see how the law could be resilient in case of failure of the anchoring systems and how to design the farm and the anchoring systems to enhance the ensemble resilience. SEAFLOWER retains a prospective, multi-disciplinary approach to remove technical and legal impediments limiting the development of floating wind farms in the Exclusive Economic Zone (up to 200 miles). If technical progress is quite promising, they must be accompanied by reflection on the security of the anchoring systems (standardization of methods and materials and cross-monitoring systems ), surveillance and means used in the event of drift ...
This will then leads to tackle a great number of topics directly related to the foundations and consequences of the use of authorized energy structures in EEZ. SEAFLOWER aims thus to contribute scientifically to the development of technical and legal standards.
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University of Nantes » France

University College of Cork » Ireland

University of Lisboa » Portugal

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