Shellfish Conservation and Management Protection Initiative 2016-05-24 10:12:22
The project aims to deliver a series of partnership based, integrated trans-national actions that will facilitate the conservation and protection of the European Oyster (Ostrea edulis). Through structured work packages the project will develop trans-national management plans supported by ecological models. Anticipated outputs will include baseline surveys, habitat improvement works, management tools, training and CPD, conferences and workshops. Overarching goals include:

(1) Maintain the existing native oyster beds within European waters
(2) Restore the geographical range of the native oyster within European waters - towards 1900 levels
(3) Maintain the existing abundance and health of the native oyster on all European sites
(4) Increase the abundance and improve the health of the native oyster within European and cross-border inshore waters
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Loughs Agency ยป United Kingdom
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  • Local public organisations
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Dr William Burke
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