Freshwater aquaculture to promote sustainable development in rural areas assuring biodiversity 2016-05-19 20:56:43
We are proposing a research and innovation action in a field in which both the academic literature and the recommendations of the FAO and EC, in particular, have pointed out the lack of research and that will emerge up a network of actors of a different nature (academia, economic sectors, social, institutional) and geographical origin, from an initial core of diffusion and dissemination of the foundations and potential of innovation in the freshwater aquaculture, to a wide public (market oriented) and stakeholders. Participatory approaches will support the interactive development of initiatives that could serve as booster for new approaches in the policy design and the implementation of the freshwater aquaculture development programmes, especially in rural areas.
It's our aim to contribute for knowledge transfer, according with countries specificities, in order to be able to stimulate the creation of new production units and commercial short circuits through the production of low ecological impact species
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Instituto Politécnico de Beja » Portugal
Escola Superior Agrária
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Victor Dordio
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