Atlantic Cashless Tourism Destinations 2016-05-18 11:56:37
The idea of replacing economic transactions in cash for digital transactions becomes part of the agendas of most developed countries. Denmark, for example, is working to go from a "cards are not supported" poster to a "cash is not accepted" poster in their commerce. Right now, a debate is opening to permit to this small business have the opportunity to reject coins and bills and admit only card or mobile payments. In Norway, for example, the organization Finans Norge, which cooperates with the Financial Services Association and the Association of Savings Banks in the country, has proposed withdrawing from circulation the cash for 2020 in favor of electronic money.
From the Tourism Council of Fuerteventura, it is understood that this change in payment habits that is taking place gradually in the global society, will be accelerated in the coming years by atomization and digital transformation that is occurring in the financial sector , whose acceleration the following factors will be decisive.
Acatour is a project that aims to turn tourist destinations from the Atlantic Area into living laboratories of Financial Technologies (Fintech Living Lab), leading to this, a policy and regulatory framework that appeal to different private and public players to bet on this destinations to try and test different solutions for digital payments and promote and foster the digital transformation of their economies.
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