Valorization of the wine Atlantic heritage 2016-05-18 11:47:52
The main objective is to stimulate economic activity in regions linked to wine tourism in Atlantic regiones with a broad wine tradition.

Among the specific objectives we can mention:

- Diversifying economic activities of the wine sector through the promotion of wine tourism and internationalization of its products.

- Improving knowledge of the potential offered for economic development by recognized wine brand-names and denominations of origin in the participating territories.

- Promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in the sector through training activities and transfer of scientific and technical information to the wine sector.

- Promoting a cultural change towards intersectoral cooperation, training of industry stakeholders and the change in business model.

- Strengthening territorial, historical and cultural values (protection of traditional landscapes of vineyards as cultural heritage), to promote the enhancement of rural areas and environmental conservation.
Lead partner
Jerez City Council ยป Spain
Employment Delegation
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Guadalupe Montalvo
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