Operational Manegement System 2016-05-17 10:49:13
The Project “Operational Management System” focuses on developing the following steps:
Data collection and analysis; Publish; Distribute; Control and Safety Assurance of all risks surged by several activities within port environment.
The main target is: Implementation of methods and strategies for improvement in the field of quality and protection of facilities and marine environment. Greater control of risks associated to operational activities within the port (evaluating and monitoring), also, the effects of improving port facilities.
It will be taken into consideration measures to mitigate the risks (providing documentation for continuous improvement of self-protection plans), in order to optimize: resources, production and channel of communications between organizations located in the Port.
Another improvement target is to inform via published bulletin to different port security agencies, fire departments, operations control center and the port authority.
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Port Authority of Las Palmas » España
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  • Organizaciones públicas regionales
  • Organizaciones públicas locales
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  • Organizaciones público-privadas
  • Universidades y enseño superior
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César Martín Fuentes
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