Climate Change Adaptation in the Metropolitan Areas of the Atlantic Area 2016-05-16 16:17:55
The strategic objective of the project is to address vulnerabilities of urban systems, increasing their resilience to risks resulting from climate change and extreme weather events. The project also seeks to encourage prevention and risk reduction through:
• Improving understanding and awareness of the risk framework with regard to issues including tendency, location, impact, monitoring and alerts.
• Introducing structured mechanisms with regard to prevention, reduction, adaptation and reaction, as well as for the component risk in urban management and coordination of the mapping of risks with territorial planning options;
• Designing adaptation strategies for climate change in the metropolitan context depending on the specific vulnerabilities, climatological profile and physical and functional characteristics, ensuring the resilience of urban subsystems and enhancing interactions with coastal and riverside areas, the rural environment and nature;
• Raising awareness of the risks of climate change amongst policy makers and particularly vulnerable population groups such as children and the elderly;
• Encouraging cooperation between enterprises, companies and universities in order to identify opportunities and gaps in the market, stimulating the emergence of innovative and efficient solutions in response to the prevention and management of risks arising from likely climate change.
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Área Mertropolitana do Porto (Porto Metropolitan Area) » Portugal
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Sara Lobao
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