ATLANTIC FOOD LANDSCAPES, Food landscapes, grastronomic tourism and water in the Atlantic area. 2016-05-13 14:37:16
The main part of the food and productive landscapes from the Atlantic regions are related with water. The reason is that they are generated on the coast areas or close to wide rivers. These food landscapes constitute productive lands which generate a differentiated gastronomy in the Atlantic regions.

The main goal of the project is to built an efficient management model to maximize a sustainable gastronomical tourism. By partners network.

It will be identificated as gastronomic and sustainable tourism pattern:
- Quality food production.
- Stimulate the climate change mitigation including carbon footprint calculation in food production.- Land s and landscape custody.
- Sustainable Water Management and local resources
- Add best practices and new food technological development. in food production.
- Tender a residues cero.
- Promote the local economy
- Reference "The Atlantic Area" as a “Gastronomic and healthy destination experience”
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