Tools for implementing transnational energy efficiency in construction 2016-05-13 07:24:22
Technological objective
Development of mechanisms for analysis, proposal and dissemination of joint measures for improving resource efficiency in construction. Methodologies and parameters will be disseminated in order to select the best material to be used as a building envelop depending on the latitude of the project.

Policy objective
Adoption of models and energy efficiency policies for the construction and / or rehabilitation of buildings that facilitate sustainability. Development of measures and tools to stimulate green growth and eco-innovation. Promotion of life cycle management measures for buildings that allow a more efficient resource and energy consumption. Informing consumers about new construction indicators on eco-efficiency and environmental performance of products and associated services.

Social objective
Providing innovative tools to a traditional sector in order to facilitate the implementation of eco-innovative measures to facilitate new patterns of resource consumption that are more efficient.

Environmental objective
Improving the ability of exposure to climate change, providing tools to change patterns of energy and raw material resources consumption in such an important sector as construction, in terms of environmental impact and as a continuation to the efforts made by the EU and the OECD, and transferring these efforts to regional implementation levels
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