The Diversification of energy mix: a design with many challenges 2016-05-12 15:46:21
The most of the European Union (EU) countries have a high-energy dependence, of circa 53%. Nevertheless, they have an endogenous potential in renewable sources, although, currently are satisfying only circa of 15% of the total energy consumption. Meantime, the energy consumption by the transports sector is responsible for approximately 32%. This sector could be acting as the main barrier to the diversification of sources. Renewables intermittency generates installed overcapacity on fossil fuels, leading to the need to adopt active Demand Side Management (DSM) measures. EU countries would implement both policies and measures, to promote the use of their endogenous resources to diversify the energy mix. Subsequently, they aim to increase energy efficiency and reduce both the energy dependence and emissions of polluting gasses. The DivEnerg has the following objectives:
- Examine the obstacles of transports sector to the diversification of energy mix;
- Assess the impacts/effects of the progressive integration of renewables in the electricity mix;
- Examine the effects of policies and fares with price differentiation on electricity consumption habits;
- Set a tax/price policy to increase the utilization of the public transport, and electricity mobility;
- Set Policies to smooth demand of electricity consumption curve;
- Forecast an optimal price for the industries, that stimulates the change their work schedule, from hours of peak to hours’ out-off-peak;
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