Smart Islands' Enhancement – Establishment of the Atlantic Network of Smart Islands 2016-05-11 13:53:23
The overall objective of the project is to boost technological development of the involved island territories by promoting their transition to a “Smart Island” model through the establishment of an Atlantic Network of Smart Islands (ANSI).
Under the umbrella of the ANSI, partner islands will exchange experiences and work together on the development of a Smart Island management model, which will be sustainable and serving the ultimate scope of improving the quality of life of citizens.
In order to achieve this, the project will seek improvements in cooperation among the variety of public and private actors representing the R+D+i ecosystem of the participating regions so as to facilitate the development of products, processes and services in line with a “Smart Island” pattern.
Lead partner
Island Government of La Palma » Spain
Innovation, Projects and Information Society Department
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Organization types:

  • Public entreprises
  • Public-private organisations
  • Universities and higher education
  • Research and innovation organisations
  • Business networks and associations
  • Cross-border organisations


  • France
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom
Contact person
Fabiana Pastore
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