Atlantic Eco-Communities in a Circular Economy 2016-05-10 13:19:46
Eco-ACCE will implement a 3 part inclusive programme across 5 regions of the Atlantic Area and work intensively with communities, businesses and local authorities to develop interacting eco-communities building a stronger circular economy.
1. Discovery programmes find local best practice in areas of environmental innovation, eco-efficiency and green growth contributing to the development of a circular economy across the Atlantic Area. This will raise awareness, uncover, accredit and embed local solutions, fostering knowledge transfer.
2. Corporate and Community Circular Economy programmes work with businesses and organisations in each region to increase awareness, embed environmental efficiency programmes and encourage investment and green growth. Accredited ACCE organisations will act as inspiring mentors for what can be done both locally and internationally.
3. Undertake research and develop an Atlantic Eco-Database to map out waste streams and new business opportunities. This will create a network of outputs for groups who can utilise waste for new products, stimulate policy with regard to waste management, create grassroots action for a circular economy and integrate cross-referencing between communities, businesses and local authorities.
ACCE aims to encourage peer-to-peer participation, raise awareness, embed eco-innovation, foster environmental efficiency and the circular economy, stimulate policy making and share solutions, materials and knowledge across borders.
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Earth Champions Foundation » United Kingdom

Bangor University » United Kingdom

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Fiona Mathews
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