Empowering local communities to manage energy sustainably 2016-05-06 08:59:51
OuRenergy will implement five demonstration cases of renewable electricity sharing in urban and rural local communities in Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom with a view to promote cooperative use of energy, tackle fuel poverty and empower consumers. It will suggest new behavioral, policy and technical strategies to support sound energy management through consumer and local communities’ empowerment, and will create a network of local agents (cities, regional authorities, consumer associations) and private stakeholders to compile and exchange best practices across the Atlantic cooperation area. OuRenergy has the following goals:
• Understand the benefits and drawbacks of adopting cooperative renewable energy sharing to alleviate fuel poverty in different contexts;
• Develop approaches to integrate micro-producers and vulnerable consumers by matching their complementarities;
• Implement concrete demonstration test-beds for local communities focusing on household buildings of vulnerable consumers;
• Highlight the impacts (economic, environmental and technological) associated to increasing cooperative use of energy and prosumers (i.e consumers that are also micro-producers), and develop an Atlantic region RoadMap for the transition to a more low-carbon, secure and affordable cooperative use of energy.
• Leverage on the learnt lessons through communication and sharing of best-practices.
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FCT NOVA » Portugal
CENSE - Centre for Environmental and Sustainability Research
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Sofia Simoes
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