Renewable Energy Educative Parks in Atlantic Area 2016-05-13 11:46:01
The territory of the Atlantic Area have several potential energy resources, including the use of renewable energy, with a strong potential of endogenous resources and good natural conditions for the production in the field of marine (tidal and wave power), hydrous, wind (onshore and offshore), solar, geothermal, biomass and biogas.
In facilities / parks of renewable energies of Atlantic Area - e.g. one for each type - fully operational, it’s intend to implement devices, programs and activities - at real scale - in the educational / interactive museological level, promoting the contact of children and other public with engineering, applied science and the generation of renewable energies.
The region of the territory of ADDLAP is self-sustaining in terms of electricity based on renewable energy sources, mainly hydro and wind, having the largest installed wind power in Portugal. This single fact is a strategic asset of great symbolism. In the territory of ADDLAP intended to create a theme park of this kind in wind energy production.
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