Biotechnology to Environment and Resource-efficient in Europe. 2016-04-29 08:54:46
It is acknowledged that the ecosystemic, and the inter- and intra-specific diversity of “natural” life is under threat of being irremediably lost, there is much less awareness that the diversity in agro-ecosystems is also under threat. This project is focused on the biodiverse agro-ecosystems generated by landraces traditional cultures in the Atlantic Area (AA). Given the multiple challenges of climate change, reduced water supplies, and declining soil fertility in many regions, new approaches to produce climate resilient crops are desperately needed. The aim of this work is to arouse concern about their loss, to explain how they can be conserved, and to discuss values that support maintaining and/or restoring on-farm agro-biodiversity. Using modern methodologies and tools will be identified the main problems of AA agro-ecosystems and selected the most modern biotechnological practices to solve. Biotechnology can help Europe for more tangible and sound policies on resource efficiency in the short and medium term to meet its objective of becoming a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy.
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Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (Portugal) » Portugal
Mountain Research Centre - CIMO

University of Santiago de Compostela » Spain

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Altino Choupina
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