Support to Sustainable Urban Mobility 2016-04-29 08:02:50
SSUM aims to tackle the high levels of carbon emissions of urban areas by analyzing the policy measures already implemented to promote the mitigation of urban mobility's negative effects, in the partners’ cities. This will allow for the identification of the real impacts of those policy instruments, and to recognize the best practices to consider in order to reach a high performance of the Project's objective, committed with a smart and sustainable growth.
This Project intents to support policy learning among local and regional public authorities and other actors of regional relevance in order to improve the performance, quality and accountability of policies and programs for regional development.
Many areas (cities) have implemented policy measures that aimed at the promotion of sustainable multi-modal urban mobility including measures dedicated to mitigating urban mobility’s negative effects. How these measures have really impacted urban mobility, how they have contributed to a sustainable area and to what extent they have really contributed to a low-carbon economy and to the regional development is rarely extensively assessed. At stake are the quality outcome, accountability and stakeholders’ true participation in policy decisions/measures. Notwithstanding the structural differences between cities/regions, there is a potential for learning and exchange of experience from each other city’s way of dealing with this.
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Vice-ministry of Environment » España
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Inés Prieto Prado
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