Sustainability Study Coastal Landscape 2016-04-27 11:56:03
The knowledge of the area is important in order to choose the appropriate place for
the intervention, so that project with the substances attending to the specific. The
discontinuity that the coast with its rural relief provides, invites us to think about a
network of litoral roads, reusing existing streets among greenhouses and
abandoned crops, recovering designs of eroded tracks caused by the traffic of its
residents. Routes among banana trees and crops, possible parkings in crops in
order to walk to the sea. It is about qualifying the coast, from a global reading of its
potentialities for a higher permeability, which guarantee minimum condition of
security, installing markers, projecting minimum places for stay in front of the
horizon. It is about joining pools. Because of its good reception among people,
guarantee the secure bath and consider other productive uses linked to that kind of
interventions. Recovering the promenade as a narrative structure of this territory.
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