Demand Side Management (DSM) and Social Welfare (SW) - Deployment of Renewable Energies 2016-04-22 14:19:25
The deployment of the new renewable energies in the energy mix has been made in many countries of the world. Research has been done in order to provide support to supply side policies. The demand side has been unexplored due to lack of data. Taking into account the need of the paradigm change in the investigation, demand side to supply side, this project will be developed in order to include consumers in the management decision. This match between demand side and supply side allows better articulation of how management policies also allow a greater predictability in the electricity market.
The specific objectives of the project are to:
-Examine the impact of new renewable sources on the electricity demand to the management of other electricity generation sources;
-Set a price policy that accommodates the variable generation impacts of the renewable energies on the electricity demand;
-Set a price that allows to maximize the social welfare;
-Development of an app with information about electricity prices in real time;
-Setting the Value of Lost Load (VOLL);
-Forecast the demand and the optimal energy mix;
-Analyse how the electricity exchanges between countries help to diminish the back-up role from the fossil to renewable electricity in the final price;
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Tiago Lopes Afonso
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