Removing electricty grid contraints to renewables 2016-04-26 14:52:02
Atlantic areas are more than likely at the end of national electricity grids. With the rise of decentralised energy, i.e. renewable energy, this is putting a strain on grids which are designed for a few, large points of generation and preventing the growth of low carbon energy. Additionally, regions at the end of grids may be subject to higher charges when compared to other, more central areas. For example, the South west of the UK has the highest Distribution Use of System charges.

The project objective would be to investigate solutions to this problem - technological, behavioural and regulatory and pull together any existing research and best practice. In the testing of solutions the project would hope to alleviate pressure on grids, reduce the cost of energy, utilise greater amounts of renewable energy and also reduce the risk for investors by being able to provide solid, reliable evidence. This would then create the right environment for more far reaching initiatives to take place.
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Devon County Council ยป United Kingdom
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Alastair Mumford
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