Cities at the Edge of the Sea 2016-04-05 14:27:17
The Project aims to defy the involved cities to undertake the challenge of reflecting, experience and evaluate, new strategies and innovation of the models of communication, shared knowledge management and development of new products and services, around the History, Natural and Cultural Heritage of the countries of the “Atlantic Area”.

The main objectives will be:
- To improve ICT and Digital Skills to promote accessible online contents on Culture and Heritage in Tourism
- To develop actions to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of coastal areas , focused on the Cities Historic Centres and
Underwater platforms – archaeology and ecosystems – exploration, services, coastal activities
- To create a specific digital platform for promoting an active participation for stakeholders,and the community aiming at a better understanding of the European Cultural Heritage
- To develop a joint strategy to create a Brand aiming to promote a transnational identity of the Atlantic Cultural Heritage as a new product in Tourism
-The development of new contents and innovative approaches at the museums, interactive and dynamic models for
promoting digital cultural heritage, and the concept of virtual museums. the project will be based at Sea Museums, and historic city centers.

Lead partner
Municipality of Cascais » Portugal
Directorate for Innovation and Strategic Planning
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  • National public organisation
  • Regional public organisation
  • Local public organisation
  • Public entreprise
  • Cross-border organisation
  • Transnational organisation
  • Universities, research or innovation center
  • Education and training center
  • Civil society associations
Contact person
Marco Espinheira
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