To promote the production of Traditional Sweets as an integral and determining factor in th 2018-06-04 09:50:07
To promote the production of Traditional Sweets as an integral and determining factor in the preservation of the Cultural Heritage of cities / regions of Atantic Area. Safeguarding the traditional context of the sweets industry that has been changing. The aim is to recover the original recipes of the typical Sweets in the Atantic Area, where there has been a strong change in the various typical local recipes and their replacement by new varieties associated with a flavor innovation with products that are not from the regions, compromising the identity, history, cultural heritage and even the quality and originality of traditional products. Based on history, which has projected a strong cultural identity, coupled with the experience of the region's candy industry, streamlined for cooperation activities between partners and integrating the ancestral knowledge, empirical, of local populations, this project aims to stimulate cultural knowledge , scientific the local sweet diversity in specific areas.
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Câmara Municipal de Felgueiras » Portugal
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Carla Vilas-Boas Carvalho
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