Non-Lethal Boat Stopping Systems 2018-04-10 13:17:52
The BSS (Boat Stopping Systems) are a range of 3 systems designed to stop vessels quickly without need for lethal force by coastguards and other border defence forces.

Our primary focus is to improve recoil mitigation. We want to partner with research & development institutions with a background in engineering to develop a system that dampens the recoil of the system when a line is fired. The powerful recoil of the systems is currently a big barrier to market. While people have expressed interest in these non-lethal marine defence & security devices, it is not currently an option as the force of the recoil makes use of the systems unappealing. Our main objective is to fix this.

We are also looking to test the systems extensively, and gain feedback from coastguards, police departments, and other maritime forces. We want to be able to complete comprehensive tests using the lines against different vessels, from different points etc. We are looking to pinpoint the exact capabilities of each system.

Following on from this, we want to develop a course & manual that details training and tactics. The idea is to do this with coastguard, maritime forces and border security partners, so a comprehensive user manual can be put together with direct input from intended end users.
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