Landscape Inspired Cultural Assets in the Atlantic Areas European designated sites 2018-03-23 14:48:24
The main aim is to use the cultural assets inspired by European designated land and seascapes in the Atlantic Area to make the lives better for those who live, work and visit them.

This project will deliver this aim by implementing the following objectives:
1. Transnational cooperation in order to; develop guiding principles in sustainably exploiting cultural assets for economic benefit; develop guiding principles in order to help protect, promote and grow cultural assets.
2. Use the cultural assets that the Atlantic Areas European designated sites inspire to attract new visitors to the area.
3. Develop tools to sustainably exploit and valorise the cultural assets to create wealth and increase the economic return of cultural based economic activities.
4. Create new local jobs in our cultural industries.
5. Develop measures to improve the social well-being of the people who live, work and visit the Atlantic Areas European designated sites
6. Create a communications model in order to build upon the pride the community has for their designated sites and help everyone gain/regain or reaffirm a ‘sense of place’ (an identity).
7. Contribute to the intangible cultural heritage activities of the aspiring UNESCO Global Geopark or other UNESCO or EU Designation.
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Newry, Mourne and Down District Council » United Kingdom
Enterprise, Regeneration and Tourism

Mourne Heritage Trust » United Kingdom

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Darren RIce
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