Maritime Knowledge for the European Regions 2018-01-23 13:36:49
As the European responsible for the Integrated Maritime Policy recognized in the "Limassol Declaration", 8th October 2012, "the marine and maritime sectors are crucial drivers for growth and jobs for the EU economy". Thanks to opportunities coming from the "Ble Growth", the maritime economy potential and strategies in these peripheral regions are keys factors development for employment, growth and quality of life.

Before improving maritime sectors, it's necessary to clearly define the "blue economy". Actually, the European Commission provides a database that weighs the impact of the maritime sectors, in terms of jobs, sales revenues, ... But, il encounters many difficulties : to collect periodically datas, to involve all the member states, to adapt NACE codes that don't take into account the maritime sectors, to anticipate the emerging sectors, to forsee issues which could transform this economy.

That's why Brittany gathered many key maritime actors in order to define the maritime economy. Through maritime expertise and relying on previous studies made in Europe and around the world, ... Britain consortium could set up a solid nomenclature to measure the direct and indirect impacts of blue sectors within the region. However, blue economy is wide. All regions have its own specifities. that's why it is necessary to share a common approach of the maritime economy, thought and adjusted by the EU maritime regions, to unlock blue growth potential, a big comparative advantage.
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