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Atlantic risk management plan in water and soil

The Atlantic Area presents high exposure to climate change. Increased intensity and frequency of storms, drought and flooding, altered hydrological cycles and precipitation variability have implications for the agriculture sector. There are huge uncertainties in the way climate change will directly

Smart Atlantic Seafood Clusters

The Safer project aims to improve the innovation performance of the seafood sector by increasing technology adoption and transnational cooperation giving response to the challenges faced by this sector identified with high-potential for the smart growth of the Atlantic regions participating in the p

Sustainable integration of renewable fuels in local transportation

The natural resources found in the Atlantic Area differ from north to south and a collaborative approach to study them as a whole is fundamental to adapt new technologies to the available resources. Islands in the 5 Member States suffer from energy disconnection from main infrastructures and an incr

Design for user-driven innovation

Design is an accessible method for analysing user needs and involving users in developing and testing products and services. Innovation support organisations also recognise the importance of design for user-driven innovation but many lack the expertise to fully integrate design into their support pr