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Innovation in the framework of the Atlantic deep ocean

The Atlantic Action Plan aims to revitalize the Marine and Maritime Economy, recommending closer collaboration among member states such as to set up sustainable strategies for natural resources exploitation while promoting innovation and regional strategies that secure and enhance the marine and coa

Adaptation of Industry 4.0 model to the naval sector

The naval sector occupies a central position in the growth of the economy, being deeply rooted in the Atlantic Area countries and presenting a common problem: the urgency of getting contracts in a very competitive market, mainly caused by very low labour costs in European countries such as Romania,

Integrate Aquaculture: an eco-innovative solution to foster sustainability in the Atlantic Area

Circular economy principles make activities more sustainable and competitive. The INTEGRATE project will foster a quintuple helix cooperation to promote the industrial transition, finding sustainable ways to address an imbalance of resources towards Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) in the

Transfer of Key Enabling Technologies to the maritime industries

Key Enabled Technologies (KETs) have the potential to impact on many aspects of the society, enhancing the industrial competitiveness in Europe. The maritime sector still needs a transformation from a traditional one to a high value one which is embracing innovation and novel market opportunities de

Recover and valorization of maritime, military and industrial heritage of the Atlantic Area coast

One of the main features of the Atlantic Area is its maritime dimension, which gives this territorial area a strong cultural identity. The proximity to the sea has led to a common development pattern, both economic and urban in coastal cities, closely linked to the sea and the maritime industry, and

New tools for monitoring the chemical status in transitional and coastal waters under the Water Framework Directive

The protection of waters in Europe is regulated by the Water Framework Directive (WFD), which is mandatory for all European Union members. Significant progress has been made in the use of passive sampling devices for routine monitoring, but some barriers remain that prevent regulatory acceptance of

Multi-model investigation of tidal energy converter reliability

Marine renewable energy from tides is a significant potential growth industry for the Atlantic Area. There is a barrier to growth due to uncertainty in the engineering design, resulting in technology that is too expensive and risky to attract financial investment. The MONITOR project aims to foste

Maritime, ocean sector and ecosystem sustainability: fostering blue growth in Atlantic industries

In the last decade, Europe’s ocean economy has received increasing policy attention. This can be seen in the publication and ongoing implementation of the EU’s Blue Growth Strategy, the Atlantic Strategy and its Action Plan, the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, etc. These initiatives are all

Coordinated Atlantic coastal operational oceanographic observatory

The European Union has funded large scale initiatives to protect, secure and develop the potential of marine and coastal environments. The aim of MYCOAST is to enhance the capability of risk management systems in the Atlantic region by improving co-operation between, observational and forecasting sy

Wise reduction of EPS marine litter in the North-East Atlantic Ocean

OceanWise aims to jointly develop a set of longterm measures to reduce the impact of expanded polystyrene products (EPS) in the North-East Atlantic Ocean. 13 partners including national governmental agencies responsible for marine environment, waste management and recycling will take up this challen