Programme bodies

Monitoring Committee

The Monitoring Committee is the main decision making body of the Programme. It is composed by representatives of the five Member States and regions, authorities of the Programme, representatives of other administrations and organised civil society as advisory members.


National Correspondents

The National Correspondent is the body ensuring the representation of the Member State in the management structure of the Programme and supporting partners at national level. It is responsible for the dissemination, implementation and management of the Programme at national level.


Managing Authority

The Managing Authority is responsible for the Programme implementation and its overall management ensuring both institutional representation and compliance with applicable Community and national rules namely, eligibility rules, information and publicity, monitoring and assessment procedures. Since 2007, the North Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR-N), based in Porto, Portugal, is the Programme Managing Authority.


Joint Secretariat

The Joint Secretariat, based in Porto, Portugal, is the main Programme contact point for beneficiaries and it is in charge of the daily management of the Programme. It assists the Managing Authority and whenever necessary the other Programme bodies on programme implementation.


Certifying Authority

The Certifying Authority is responsible for the expenditure certification and European Regional Development Fundo (ERDF) assistance payments processes.


Audit Authority

The Audit Authority coordinates and implements the sampling audits addressed to the Programme management and control system and to the co-financed operations. Prepares and presents to European Commission the annual control reports and declarations for partial or final closure, assessing the legality and regularity of the expenditure concerned. The Audit Authority is assisted by a Group of Auditors, which comprises a representative of each Member State.